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internat. Award of Exellence
humatarian silver award 2015
OFACertificates Gold Award
Worldfest Silver Award 1995
internat award of Merit 2015
Toura d `Or
La Femme LA


2019: Katholicsher Medienpreis " journalistisch WERTvoll"

for the Multi-Media Site:

for the DOC


Love and Life as they happen in a Fishermen’s Village in Brazil


2016 international  Award of Excellence

Filmfestival for Enviroment-Health-Culture


for the DOC

"Doctora Mariana and the Lost World of the Mby′a- Guarani”

The Fight for Survival and Ancestral Lands of an Indigenous Tribe


2015 international Humatarian Silver Award

Filmfestival Jakarta


2015 international  Award of Merit

Filmfestival for Enviroment-Health-Culture



2014 Gold Award Oregon Film Festival

2001 „Toura d’Ôr „ Ministry of Tourism and Development/ Berlin

for "Artesanafischerei und Ökotourismus in Prainha do Canto Verde"


2000  Journalistic Science Award

for "Leben mit Brustkrebs-"


1995   Silver Award Worldfest Charleston

for the DOC


After-effects of an internment: Survivors of Japanese iWoman-internation camps and their



1995 – onwards


Independant Producer 

Video- Journalist

Documentary Filmmaker


2000 - 2013 Podium discussions  and lectures at schools and universities


2000 - 2010  freelancing as a Video-Journalist  for Science Magazine „nano“ 3sat


1997 - 2000 freelancing as a Video Journalist for the Childrens  Magzine KIDZ & Womans Magazine Lipstick SF DRS


1990-1991 Teaching -Video; Artschool Basel


1993-1995   Freelancing as a Studio Director   SF DRS


1983-1995   Freelancing as a Camerawoman SF  DRS


1988-1989 Filmseminar with Edward Zebrowski und Krzysztof Kieslowski


1987-198MAZ, Guest Studen-Journalistic School

80-1981   AFI, American Film Institute, Los Angeles

1977-1978   Stagiare Camerawoman SF DRS


1963-1966   Artschool Zürich, Photographer




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